one destroyed ship in galaxy

tactical, real-time, 2D strategy

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Trailer And Screenshots

2d tactical strategy

Game Features

Capture planets. Build Ships. Defend lanes between planets.

2D Tactics

The strongest player is vulnerable to attack from all sides.
The more manouverable fleet wins over the stronger one.

Co-op Multiplayer

Online multiplayer and two 5-map co-op multiplayer campaigns.
2 5-map single player campaigns.
17 skirmish maps.
challenging AI.

one ship with galaxy background

five ships from top

Visual Details

From ship details of rotating turrets and damage decals with smoke.
To far strategy map with different unit and resources strategic icons.
5 factions, 5 types of ships.
gatling turret, laset turret, rockets, shields


Planets and connection between planets earn money.
Player can build ships from money of planet and money of all connections to this planet.
Every ship has maintenance cost which decreases earnings of planets.
If connection between planets is crossed by enemy ships at any point, the lane earns money for the capturer until friendly ships get near the crossing point.